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CoverVersions is the culmination of Rob’s lifelong interest in Art, Music, Films and Sport.

Rob wanted to go into album cover design having grown up in an era where the release of a new “album” was one of life’s most important events. Rob (and most of his friends) waited in anticipation to see the album artwork just as much as listen to the music! Most time that patience was rewarded with some fantastic album covers especially those of the 70’s rock band like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, ELO, Deep Purple, Rainbow etc. and even the more mainstream musicians and bands brought out some great album covers. Jean Michelle Jarre’s “Oxygene” was a particular catalyst for his inspiration.

Rob’s art influences include Salvador Dali, Alphonse Mucha, Pre-Raphealite’s such a JW Waterhouse, Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Sir John Everett Millais. More contemporary favourites include Fabian Perez, Douglass Hoffman  and Rob Hefferan. Rob also specialises in contemporary figurative art and photography.

The Story

Rob’s artistic inclination has never been far away from him, but having grown up in an era of mass unemployment, parental influences meant studying for a “proper” job. So to get past his caring father he opted for cartography…that’s maps to you and me, it’s also Geography combined with Art! This lead to a successful career in the Oil Industry where moved on from Cartography into IT Service Management working for the Major players such as BP Exploration, ExxonMobil (Esso), ENI Agip, Royal Dutch Shell/BG-Group and a few minor ones too, LASMO and EnCana.

Art was never far away though and he continued to produce personal pieces for himself, friends, family and some huge party banners. Having designed one album cover whilst at school, his lifelong friend Russ Dennett a rock musician and former member of The Human League asked him to design an album cover for his own offshoot band Deep Down Crazy’s album titled “A Swim in the Ocean” (get a copy it’s ace). A few years later (quite a few in fact!) it was Russ who inspired this venture into giant album artwork when he asked Rob to produce three paintings of giant album covers for his bar “JD’s” near Sheffield. A painting of Madonna’s “True Blue” was the first in that series…….now he plans to paint the album covers from his entire vinyl collection…..

The Process

It is simple really, once he has chosen an album cover to paint it is just a matter of sketching the outlines onto the prepared cotton canvas. From there it is a process of mixing oil paints and getting on with it.

Rob doesn’t aim to create an exact replica of the album art, it is his interpretation of it. He often wondered what covers would look like without all the lettering so you won’t see any band logos or titles, he would prefer that people who love music will look at the art and identify it for themselves.

Having said that Rob is mad about logos but you know they are are copyright material so replicating them would be an infringement of that.However he loves to design logos and in conjunction with Russ, they came up with the RibEye band logo www.ribeyeband.co.uk

The Process


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